Sunday, December 23, 2012

Home Staging Hints For Your Window Treatments And Fixtures

Your window treatments currently in your house would probably need some amount of updating or makeover when the rest of the home is prepped for professional home staging. Window treatments are used for different purposes in addition to beautification; they also provide privacy and control lighting into the home. For purposes of home staging, however, window decor and fixtures are generally kept as simple and lightweight as possible, so as to allow natural light into the house and to add the illusion of space to the interiors.

The good thing about updating or investing in new window fixtures during the home staging process is you can take these curtains, drapes or other fixtures with you to your new home if they complement the décor or theme there. Or, you can include the cost of the updates during negotiations. However, many home staging professionals would recommend that homeowners keep the cost of window treatments as affordable as possible to minimize the risk of not getting any returns.

Here are some home staging suggestions for your window treatments:

Choose light, airy treatments. Go for fabrics that are translucent, especially for shades or sheers. They maintain a level of privacy, without completely blocking out the natural light and the view from outside. If you have an excellent view of the backyard, or other natural scenery outside, you want to highlight that to potential buyers, so steer clear of opaque or dark curtains or blinds if you can.

Neutral and contemporary fixtures are a sure bet. In order to appeal to as many varied tastes and preferences of potential home buyers, you want to use window treatments that are modern and least distracting. Large thick curtain rods, or heavy cornices and valances look bulky and from a previous decade; clean lines, minimalist designs are fresher and more contemporary. Loud designs and prints, like animal type designs, zebra lines, polka dots, or floral prints are not recommended for home staging because they are only attractive to a few people but distracting to everyone else.

Pre-packaged window treatments are great options. Sewing or starting your own DIY projects for curtains and panels can be loads of fun, but you may not have enough time in between your daily responsibilities and other home staging and selling concerns. It is a more convenient option to visit your local home décor and improvement stores. such as Pier 1, Target, Home Depot or Bed Bath & Beyond. These retailers usually have packaged window treatments and décor in stock that you can purchase and install yourself quickly and conveniently.

Go with the general theme of the home décor. The right window treatments will blend into the overall theme or décor of the rest of your house, instead of hogging attention. If you are choosing subdued pastel hues for your living room, for instance, window treatments should be light and quiet also, because anything bright would be visually jarring and distract the viewer. Strike a balance between the colors and hues, and focus on it.


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