Monday, December 24, 2012

Home Staging Is A Luxury

The art of staging a home is usually looked at as a service that only wealthy home owners choose for an option by real estate agents and sellers. And in most cases a Realtors and brokers won't even offer the idea of the service unless your home is worth over $300,000. The process of preparing a home to stage in itself is something that every seller needs to do, no matter what their home is worth. Cleaning, repairing, and upgrading are only some of the basic phases for home staging, but they are highly effective if you not looking to shell out a bunch of money. Home staging was brought to the market for one reason to get your home sold quickly and still till this day, the goal is exactly the same. Home staging can become costly, in which sense I believe most Realtors think that there clients can't afford to pay for it. Not staging your own home in today's market is like trying to pop a balloon with another balloon, it just does not make sense.

Why does staging a home cost so much? Well the answer to this question depends on the current condition of your home. If your home needs to be updated and needs costly repairs, the price would be much higher for that home owner. Staging a home is a step by step based system that resets each individual room in your home and creates a unified space that attracts buyers, but if you throw a fresh coat of paint on the walls and buy new bedding, it won't convince buyers it is a great place to live if you have a huge hole in the floor.

The big misconception that home staging isn't needed can be disproved over and over again just by taking a look at the homes listed in your area. Look at the quality of the rooms that you see for the properties listed online. When a staged home is compared to a non-staged home you can immediately tell the difference. And at a glance, which are all buyers will give you when they are searching for a new property; a home that doesn't appeal to buyers will struggle to get attention from enough buyers to sell quick enough. Staging your home is a necessity not a luxury if you're trying to sell your home as quickly as possible


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