Friday, February 1, 2013

Who Are Mortgage Fraud Victims?

Every home owner is a mortgage fraud victim. One of the most incredible aspects of this whole mortgage fraud debacle is the fact that some of the very people who are participants in this fraud are victims as well. How many bank employees, judges, court clerks, lawyers, process servers, sheriffs, and others have mortgages? How many of the people who work in law offices, courthouses, sheriff departments, and other entities that are directly involved in this fraud have been fraudulently foreclosed on themselves? How many people in our military, law enforcement, firefighting, and medical fields have lost their homes to this mortgage fraud? How many of your friends or neighbors have lost their homes to these fraudulent home foreclosures? Everyone who has a mortgage is a VICTIM of this fraud, but some of the most honest, trusting, hardest working, and most dedicated people in this country have been the biggest victims. Are you a mortgage fraud victim?

Who are those who have been the major beneficiaries of this massive Fraud? Those with the "superior knowledge" that enables them to take advantage of your ignorance of the law to deceive you by "studied concealment or misrepresentation". This group of mortgage beneficiaries includes many on Wall Street, large investors, and most notoriously, the mortgage lenders and bankers at the top and the lawyers and Judges who work so hard to enhance their profits and protect the Fraud by these beneficiaries from being exposed.

The time has now come to make those having superior knowledge who HAS taken advantage of your ignorance of the law to deceive you, by studied concealment or misrepresentation, to be held responsible for that fraudulent and illegal conduct. It is THE LAW and it is time that the courts and law enforcement officials to enforce it starting with the criminal aspect of the mortgage fraud under both State and Federal Laws! Under the doctrine of "Respondent Superior" the people at the top of these organizations are responsible for the actions of those in their employ. That is where the investigations and arrests need to start... the bank CEOs, Lender presidents, title companies, closing attorneys, to name just a few.

What is it going to take to put a stop mortgage fraud and destruction of this country and the lives of the people who live here? It is going to take an uprising of the people of this country, as a whole, to finally say that you have had enough. The information presented here is but one part of the beginning of that uprising and the beginning of the end of the Mortgage Fraud upon the American people.

The obvious evidence supports the fact that Mortgage Fraud is running rampant in the United States. You now know the story and can no longer say you are totally uninformed about this subject. This is only an outline of what needs to, and will, become common knowledge to the people and law enforcement agencies in this country. If you are in law enforcement it is YOUR DUTY to take what you have been given here and move forward with your own intense investigation and root out the Mortgage Fraud and stop the theft of people's homes, including yours. Your failure to do so would make you an accessory to the fraud through your inaction now that you have been noticed of what is occurring.

If you are an attorney and receive this information it would do you well to take it to heart, and understand there is no place for your participation in this Mortgage Fraud and if you participate you will likely become liable for substantial damages, if not more severe consequences such as prison. If you are in the judiciary you would do well to start following the letter of the law if you haven't been, and start making ALL of those in your Court do likewise, lest you find yourself looking for employment as so many others are, if you are not incarcerated as a result of your participation in the fraud.

If you are a bank or a mortgage lender, when home owners learn the truth about what you have done to them, just expect to see retaliation for what you have done. People are going to want to see those who defrauded them brought to justice. These are very simple observations and the study of human behavior shows us that when you find out you have been defrauded in such a grand manner as this, you tend to become rather angry and search for those who perpetrated the fraud upon you. The foreclosure lawyers and the bankers will be standing clearly in the mortgage fraud victims' sights.


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