Sunday, December 23, 2012

Get Top Property Prices For Your Home With These Tips

It is an interesting question. Why are you the best agent for the client to use to promote the clients property today? Do you have an answer that is real and relevant to the situation? Or is the answer something generic like some of the following.

We know the property market
We have all the enquiry
We have sold (leased) property like this before
I have a buyer (tenant) right now that would like to see this property
We have good people to promote the property for you
We have offices all over the state (country) that will have your listing detail and can promote that to their buyers and prospects.
We have the contacts to reach the targets for you
Our costs are lower than any other agent
Our team is the best
We can get you the best price

So many times I have heard these phrases in the market. The reality is that they are all worth nothing to the listing presentation and pitch. Without the deeper facts, these phrases are worth 'zero' to you.

To win a listing today, you must be the best choice of agent. If you say any of the above statements in your presentation, be prepared to prove it with a lot more detail and facts. Facts, market knowledge, and results all have to be proven today before the client will see you and your agency as being relevant to them.

Take any of the above phrases to prove a point here. I will choose 'Our team is the best'. Without any supporting comment and proof, the phrase is quite irrelevant to the client. If I had made that statement, I would have to support it with a few more specific facts such as the following:

'Bill Smith on our team has sold 3 properties like this in the last 4 months. That activity has given us a database of 200 qualified people that we will be taking the new listing to personally.'
'Our team has tried a number of marketing systems and alternatives for this property type in the last 6 months. What we have found is that the tender process is the best to use here as it creates significant inquiry in the shortest time. Every time we have used this strategy the tender close date kept the prospects active and motivated to putting in an offer that was market relative.'

You can see from the above examples that you can be far more specific when you work with clients in listing their property. In this way you can prove your relevance to the client as the top agent for the job at hand.


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