Friday, February 1, 2013

Conducting A 'Walk Through' With Your Home Builder

When your brand new home is almost complete and ready to move into, your excitement can often lead you to overlook or miss problems with the construction. Before hand over, you will be required to conduct a 'walk through' with your home builder to ensure that everything is according to your plan and the contract you have signed.

Check that windows are square and tightly fitting. They should have weather stripping and flawless glass.
Use a pair of binoculars to scan the roof for flat, tight shingles. You should also check out the gutters and downspouts.
Check that the ground has proper grading; it should slope away from the foundations with no serious erosion.
Turn on all of the faucets to determine that hot and cold are on the correct sides. Also check that water drains quickly.
Test all of the electrical outlets (a hairdryer is handy for this), garage door openers and doorbells to see that they work.
Check the carpet in each room for matching seams and check for ridges in vinyl or laminate flooring.
Open and close all windows and doors; they should provide a good seal when closed and not bind.

Whilst conducting a walk through with your home builder may seem a little stressful - they will be watching you like a hawk to make sure that there are no issues - it is an important part of the hand over process. If you are wary or nervous about missing something, take along a checklist with you to ensure that you scrutinize every aspect.


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