Friday, February 1, 2013

Building Permit: Do You Need One?

Buying a new house is a very expensive decision, and when you have finally bought one, there are other important elements and conditions you need to meet. This is especially true when you are planning to do some renovations for your new home. For instance, you want to add a deck, fence, garage, or outdoor structure in your newly bought property, you must first get a building permit and license. Unfortunately, like most homeowners, you might not have any idea what a building permit is and why you need one for your home remodeling project.

Before we discuss further what a building license is and how you can get one, you first have to be aware that this license is a mandatory regulation which you need to obey when you decide to pursue your renovation project. You must understand that residential and commercial buildings are controlled by the government of the state, city, and town where the construction activity will take place.

Understanding Building Permits

A building permit is a document that has the necessary information regarding the construction of residential and commercial structures. The codes are developed to be used when building a house in a neighborhood. These codes ensure that the aesthetic design will adhere to the restrictions set and required by the individual neighborhoods. Building permits are regulated by the municipal authority. This means that your local officials are in charge of regulating the codes and issuing permits. You can get an application for this permit at your local Department of Public Works.

Why Do You Need A Building Permit?

When you decide to renovate or remodel your property, you will need to get a building permit. This is because your home renovation must be in accordance with the requirements for safety and structural soundness set by the local government. These requirements are written as building codes in your area. In addition, the building permit process also makes sure that your building plans are similar to other municipal requirements, including heritage building designations and zoning regulations.

You will be required to get a building license for your renovations, especially if it involves the structure and system of your home.

You add new structures in your property
Reconfigure or remodel the space by removing or moving walls
Adding new windows and doors
Installing a fireplace

You also have to determine whether your local building codes require you to get a permit when you demolish structures, such as a shed, porch, or garage on your property. However, there are some renovations that may not need a permit. Some of these are:
  • Re-roofing
  • Re-siding
  • Flooring
  • Painting
  • Replacement of windows and doors
  • Cabinet installation


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