Saturday, January 26, 2013

Mobile Marketing for Wholesaling Real Estate

Between free Google WiFi, a dramatic increase in tablet usage and being able to go weeks without needing an outlet to charge mobile is clearly quickly becoming the future for wholesaling marketing.

In fact, mobile marketing is already quickly becoming a major differentiating factor in who gets the business when it comes to wholesaling and selling real estate.

Those still sitting on the mobile sidelines, afraid of the technology or who undervalue it or haven't found the right angle yet will find the data from the recent report "The Digital House Hunt: Consumer and Market Trends in Real Estate" provides great insight into what is going on right now and how the shift in buying homes is occurring, as well as important realizations for wholesaling marketing.

According to the report real estate related searches on Google are up 253% in the last 4 years and up 22% in the third quarter of 2012 alone. However, this is nothing compared to the 120% rise in mobile searches for real estate terms in the third quarter or the over 300% jumps in tablet searches by new home buyers.

Most real estate investors and marketers are probably aware that 90% of home buyers now use the web in their searches, with over half making it their first move. However, what many probably don't know is that buyers of foreclosures are more likely to use the internet than others and were responsible for 180% surge in related searches via mobile versus just 7% for desktops.

Many investors have failed to embrace mobile for their wholesaling marketing because they say they need money and deals right now and don't have time for it. They should know that 24% of those using the web for their home search took action the same day, and 60% did within 60 days.

7 out of 10 who took action used local keywords in their home searches. Those advertising foreclosures in their wholesaling marketing will want to know the most popular states for foreclosure related searches were FL, NV, GA, AZ and IL.

Video is of course another big wholesaling marketing trend today and very common on mobile but few probably know that the most common reason for watching video was to find out more about a specific community, not home tours or watching testimonials.

Clearly whatever type of wholesaling marketing you are planning for the year data is king. He who has the data can do the best marketing and reap the best results.

Sadly most still underestimate the importance of mobile for wholesaling marketing. Know that it will only take a couple of really great real estate apps to lock many investors out of much of the market in terms of buyers. HomeSnap is attempting to be one of them. Will you find a way to capitalize on mobile in time?


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