Friday, December 7, 2012

Condo Living: Five Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

Those of us who live in areas where the winter weather is cold and snow covers the ground have at least some appreciation for the change of seasons. We may not love it, and we may get sick of it, but we might just find we miss it, even a little bit, if it were gone. At the same time, we have a couple words to describe what we sometimes feel during long strings of cold: winter blues. Following are five ways for condo owners to beat the winter blues.

1. Get some exercise. Clearing snow, whether via shovel or snowblower, is not that fun. But at least it is a way for single-family homeowners to get some exercise during the winter. Condo owners do not have that option. But exercise is a good way to stay in a positive frame of mind, so make it a point to climb the stairs, or take the long way when you walk home from work.

2. Plan a vacation. Sure, clearing the snow may get single-family homeowners some exercise, but it also ties them down. Condo owners do not have such obligations. They can pack up and get out of Dodge without worrying about how the mailman will get to the mailbox, or if the house will stay warm enough while they are gone. They can just pack up and go. And we all know how vacations, even short ones, to warm-weather spots really can do a person good.

3. Take advantage of your surroundings. By virtue of their urban locations, condo owners have access to a virtually unlimited supply of entertainment options. So even if you consider yourself a homebody, get out and see what the city has to offer. You may find a restaurant unlike any at which you have eaten before, or museum with an unforgettable exhibit. At the very least, you get out of your condo and get some fresh air.

4. Use your amenities. If your condo building has amenities like a pool and fitness room, take advantage of them. Not many people have such easy access to pools, fitness rooms, and other amenities that get your blood pumping. And the best part of all is you do not even have to go out into the cold to use them.

5. Take up a winter sport. Cross-country skiers love the winter because it is the only time they can partake in the activity. Same with downhill skiers. And ice-skaters. And those who like sledding. Sure, you probably will have to own some equipment, or rent it, but if you are willing to try new things, it is quite likely you can find a new winter activity very close to home.


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